Welcome to Mystic Katt

Hi, I’m Katt Tozier, Mystic Medicine Woman and Resilience Expert, and I want to welcome you to Mystic Katt. I teach women how to heal their trauma, find their power, and create emotional resilience. My teaching focuses on three things: how to restore your body balance, rebuild your belief system, and redefine your boundaries so you can recover your innate resilience and feel safe, secure, and serene.

For decades I hid behind a mask…

I used to be ashamed to admit the depth of trauma I’ve experienced, as well as the fallout from it all. I was embarrassed to show how much of a challenge it was to try to keep my shit together. I lived under decades of strain, always anxious, always running away from the past, the present, and the pain.

When it all came crashing down in 2013, I finally decided to do something about it, and I set out on a spiritual quest. Things got a lot better for a couple of years, and then in early 2017 my body started showing signs of distress once again, so I knew I’d missed a vital step somewhere along the way.

I took a leap of faith and got guidance around soul-level healing, and over the next year, the Divine brought me face-to-face with lifetimes of trauma so I could finally heal it and stand fully in my highest path and purpose: to help other women heal at a deep, abiding level.

I’ve distilled my decades of experience with energy medicine and holistic healing into an integrative process to help you transmute your trauma and recover your resilience. 

I’d like to invite you to join me on your own personal healing odyssey, one that encompasses all of your experiences ~ on a human level and on a soul level ~ so you can finally create deep, abiding healing.

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What others are saying

“I have just had twelve sessions of amazing Astrological readings from Katt Tozier and she is an amazing astrologer. Katt gave me an extensive reading every fortnight and I learned many things about why I do things as I do. And I learned of my talents and positives and negatives aspects and how to deal […]

Christine Cowin

“Working with Katt Tozier in looking inward a few hours a month has helped me identify and progress through various issues so much faster and more efficiently than the many hours a month/years of counseling I have had! Her focus, desire to help, years of experience and gift from the divine has me in awe every time we speak. […]

Natasha M.