Six-Week Shift Self-Healing Intensive

Learn how to create your own healing magic!

You already know how to heal – it’s an innate power that’s divinely sourced, and I promise you that you have access to it: You just need to get reconnected to your own healing magic! Magic, at it’s core, is shifting, changing, and moving energy to create a higher vibration that’s aligned with healing and manifesting. Healing magic is changing the vibration of your body, mind, heart, and energy field to align with your soul, and with the life you came to live.

If you have unease in your body and in your life, you simply need to realign with your power to heal.

What do you most want to heal?

Your body? Your heart? Your mind? Your relationships? Your finances? 

Healing magic – your power to heal anything you want to heal in your life – comes from creating a clear connection between your Human Self and your Soul Self, and there’s a simple step-by-step process to restore that connection.

The Six-Week Shift Self-Healing Intensive is the foundation class in the Healing Magic Mastery Circle where you’ll learn to restore your body balance, redefine your energy boundaries, and reawaken your soul connection so you can heal and manifest with ease.

This core class is live and interactive – class format is teaching, intuitive coaching, and guided healing exercises.

Live Class November 26, 2018 to January 4, 2019

Claim your spot in for the 6-week program, just $144

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