April’s Stabilizing Six energy has its roots in 15 energy. Fifteen is created from the 10 and the 5 – both numbers of significant change and evolution (with the potential to get thrown backwards into old patterns). It’s the Spiritual Alchemist number that asks you to release the past and the ego.

In the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the 15 card is The Devil. This card is about recognizing self-deception and self-limiting behaviors. It’s the card that reminds us we always have a choice, even when external circumstances seem to be working against us: our choice is in our response to the situation.

Our default reactions are based in old emotional patterns and beliefs; we have the power to step out of those old habits and form new responses.

The traditional Rider-Waite card (on the right) depicts loose chains that we could easily slip out of if only we stop perceiving ourselves as powerless, limiting ourselves (and sometimes sabotaging ourselves) because we believe something has power over us.

In The Good Tarot deck, the card is called Temptation instead, and it’s all about attachment to things that don’t serve us well, yet we choose to stay bound by them.

The card that follows the 15 is The Tower – the card of epic shift in our lives. We can create the monumental change we seek through mastering the emotional shift from powerless to powerful, limited to limitless.

April’s energy gives us the chance to deeply assess our self-defeating behavior patterns, and to release longstanding limitations.

What limitations do you want to release this month? Share below!

Love & Blessings,


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