Natal Chart Reading



Includes your custom-created Natal Chart and two 90-minute private consultation calls to discuss the key aspects of your soul blueprint


You came into this life with a vibration perfectly calibrated to support you in all you’re meant to do and be – the unique purpose you came here for.

The precise date, time and location of your birth – and the name you were given at birth – are no accident: they carry an energetic pattern that gives you all the information you need for your life, work, wealth, health, relationships and more.

Your life comes with an owner’s manual that is highly personalized to exactly who you are, one that supports every aspect of your individuality.

Understanding the patterns revealed in your personal natal energy provides the detailed information you need to access your personal wellness frequency – and the means to confidently evaluate every aspect of your life so you can include those things (and people) that support you and eliminate those that don’t.

It uncovers your primary life purpose.

It points to your natural gifts and talents.

It reveals your compatibility with everything from jobs to people.

It warns of your potential obstacles and challenges.

It teaches you how to navigate change and transition.

It guides you to the best way to express your life purpose.

It decodes the right wealth vibration for you.

It unlocks your personal health and wellness frequency.


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