Full Moon Energy Healing


Each month within the Full Moon window, you’re invited to join me for a group energy healing session hosted by the Healing Magic Mastery Circle. Each session is focused on a specific theme or topic that’s in flow with the current universal energies. Next session: February 19, 2019 @ 7:00 PM Eastern – additional details below


A key aspect to creating Healing Magic is being in harmony with the universe, and the cycles of lunar energy flow are especially important.

The Moon changes signs every 2-1/2 days, so her energy is always changing. The placement of the moon in your own Natal Energy chart determines precisely how these constant shifts affect you personally. On a universal scale, the Full Moon is the height of healing and manifesting power.

The weeks before the Full Moon are for setting the stage and the weeks after are for releasing the energy and allowing healing and manifesting to occur. The Full Moon window itself – which includes the day before, day of, and day after – is the optimum time for energy healing work.

Next session details:

The first Full Moon of 2019 happens in conjunction with a Lunar Eclipse, making it an especially powerful lunation for healing and manifesting. In this session, we’ll focus on accepting yourself and your circumstances exactly as they are right now, then opening up energy so you can create the changes you want to make in 2019.

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