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Ready to Release Your Self-Imposed Limitations?

April’s Stabilizing Six energy has its roots in 15 energy. Fifteen is created from the 10 and the 5 – both numbers of significant change and evolution (with the potential to get thrown backwards into old patterns). It’s the Spiritual Alchemist number that asks you to release the past and the ego.

In the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the 15 card is The Devil. This card is about recognizing self-deception and self-limiting behaviors. It’s the card that reminds us we always have a choice, even when external circumstances seem to be working against us: our choice is in our response to the situation.

Our default reactions are based in old emotional patterns and beliefs; we have the power to step out of those old habits and form new responses.

The traditional Rider-Waite card (on the right) depicts loose chains that we could easily slip out of if only we stop perceiving ourselves as powerless, limiting ourselves (and sometimes sabotaging ourselves) because we believe something has power over us.

In The Good Tarot deck, the card is called Temptation instead, and it’s all about attachment to things that don’t serve us well, yet we choose to stay bound by them.

The card that follows the 15 is The Tower – the card of epic shift in our lives. We can create the monumental change we seek through mastering the emotional shift from powerless to powerful, limited to limitless.

April’s energy gives us the chance to deeply assess our self-defeating behavior patterns, and to release longstanding limitations.

What limitations do you want to release this month? Share below!

Love & Blessings,


P.S. One of the ways I teach energy healing and manifesting skills is through my free Radiant Resilience Community – click below to join us and get The Secret to Emotional Resilience 4-part audio mini-course free

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Christine Cowin

“Working with Katt Tozier in looking inward a few hours a month has helped me identify and progress through various issues so much faster and more efficiently than the many hours a month/years of counseling I have had! Her focus, desire to help, years of experience and gift from the divine has me in awe every time we speak. […]

Natasha M.
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How Planetary Retrogrades Help You Heal

Retrogrades get a bad rap. Especially Mercury Retrograde.

Today, we’re entering the first Mercury Retrograde of 2018 (there’s a second one at the end of July and a third in mid-November). The current retrograde lasts until April 15th.

When a planet stops its forward motion for a period of time, it’s said to be retrograde ~ moving backwards. It’s easy to see why that points our attention to past events.

Because every planet has its own energy, and it governs things related to that energy, each planetary retrograde affects us in a different way.

From a Universal perspective, Mercury is the planet that governs communication and commerce, as well as mechanical and technical things. Communication covers a lot of things: direct conversations; mail and email; texting; books, songs, movies, and television; advertising; social media; sales and marketing; sixth sense, energy, and intuition; human and Divine messages; body language and expressions; and much more.

When we’re in Mercury Retrograde, getting our point across successfully can sometimes be challenging (not to mention the troubles that often arise with computers, phones, printers, and other communication devices).

But, there’s another side to all of this, one that’ll help you heal some longstanding stuff and help you move forward, not only during the current Mercury Retrograde, but throughout the year as we move through other planetary retrogrades.

The symptoms of unease you’re experiencing right now have their energetic roots in past experiences, minor to major. The beliefs you hold today formed from those experiences, and they’ve been reinforced by thinking them for so long you’ve come to accept them as truth.

Those beliefs, along with their corresponding emotions, have created negative energy and formed blocks in the smooth flow of your energy processing system, leading to the symptoms of unease you’re experiencing in your life today.

Planetary retrogrades are an ideal time to finish old business once and for all. Energetically, they’re all about pausing, assessing what’s out of balance, and doing the necessary healing work in preparation to move forward from a healthier place.

They’re a time for shedding burdens that you’ve carried for far too long.

Beginning back on March 9th, we entered a season of multiple retrogrades that last right through into the first few days of 2019.

Because each planet governs something a little bit different, let’s take a look at each one means for you personally:

  1. Jupiter Retrograde (March 9 to July 10): Jupiter governs your personal growth and expansion, so in retrograde, it’s all about assessing and healing where you’ve been stuck in old patterns that keep you from moving forward toward creating the life you desire.
  2. Mercury Retrograde (March 22 to April 15): Mercury governs how you communicate with the world, so in retrograde, it’s all about recognizing your Truth, healing false beliefs, and gaining the confidence to communicate who you really are.
  3. Saturn Retrograde (April 17 to September 6): Saturn governs obstacles, limitations, and big life lessons, so in retrograde, it’s all about uncovering where you’re letting outside forces (people and circumstances) limit you and reclaiming your personal power to determine the scope of your life.
  4. Pluto Retrograde (April 22 to September 30): Pluto governs transformation, rebirth, and spirituality, so in retrograde, it’s all about understanding your own Big Why ~ your Purpose and soul-intention for this lifetime ~ so you can create a major shift into living the life you came to live.
  5. Neptune Retrograde (June 18 to November 24): Neptune governs dreams, deceptions, and psychism, so in retrograde, it’s all about looking under the surface to see beyond what the naked eye can see (and the logical mind can process) to better understand your illusions and self-deceptions (and the deceptions of others), allowing you to more fully tap into your spiritual gifts and expand your spiritual nature.
  6. Mars Retrograde (June 26 to August 27): Mars governs self-assertion, sexuality, and adventure, so in retrograde, it’s all about knowing what’s influencing your confidence, actions, and openness so you can do the things you want to do without stress, anxiety, or guilt.
  7. Uranus Retrograde (August 2 to January 6): Uranus governs individuality and change, so in retrograde, it’s all about knowing your true self and identifying what’s keeping you from expressing your uniqueness so you can create the change you’re seeking.
  8. Venus Retrograde (October 5 to November 16): Venus governs love, creativity, and beauty, so in retrograde, it’s all about knowing where you’re blocking your opportunities to receive love and create a nurturing environment so you can open the flow of receiving intangible abundance.

The energy of planetary retrogrades supports us in taking a final look back in order to finally put to rest the things that have prevented us from creating the change we desire, and when the planet returns to forward motion (goes direct), we’re energetically supported in doing the same.

In other words, we get unstuck…if we do the healing work we need to do during the retrograde period.

Right now, it’s a good time to consider how you’re communicating, and the best place to start is by looking at what you tell yourself. What beliefs do you hold, and what stories to you hold onto? What repetitive thoughts do you think? What do you say to yourself over and over? What do you tell others about you and your life repeatedly?

By looking closely at what you tell yourself every day, you’ll quickly begin to identify where you’re creating blocks and getting stuck. When you know, you can take steps to heal those false beliefs so you can move forward.

Love & Blessings,


P.S. One  of the ways I teach energy healing and manifesting skills is through my free Radiant Resilience Community – click below to join us and get The Secret to Emotional Resilience 4-part audio mini-course free

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How the Slow-Moving Planets are Giving You the Opportunity to Transform

Several of the planetary bodies that govern the various energies influencing our Universal cycles are quick moving. You already know that the sun changes Zodiac signs once a month, and that the moon moves through its phases about every 28 days. Some other planets – like Mars, Venus, and Mercury – move along pretty swiftly, too.

Others move much slower, some taking years to progress through a Zodiac sign, and even though the quick-moving planetary bodies affect us in swift day-to-day ways, it’s the slow-moving planetary bodies that have huge and lasting impact.

So let’s talk about what’s happening with some of the slower-moving planets right now.

Back on January 27, 2008 – right at the start of the last 9-year Universal cycle – Pluto entered Capricorn and it’ll stay there until January of 2024. When Pluto is transiting Capricorn, the energy affects foundational stuff like money, power, and independence. It’s a cycle of deep transformation on both personal and Universal levels.

Next, on March 11, 2011, Uranus entered Aries and it’ll stay there until March 7, 2019. When Uranus is transiting Aries, the energy affects how we express ourselves as individuals. It’s a cycle of radial shift in independence on both personal and Universal levels.

Then, on February 3. 2012 – in a 5 Universal year, the pivotal change year in the last 9-year Universal cycle – Neptune entered Pisces and it’ll stay there until 2026. When Neptune is transiting Pisces it’s at home – Neptune is the natural ruler of Pisces, so the energy is magnified. The energy affects major spiritual concepts like oneness, transcendence of the ego, and collective consciousness. It’s a cycle of connecting to one’s Higher Self and moving out of earth-bound limitations.

Finally, on May 9, 2017 – at the start of our new 9-year Universal cycle – the North Node (or True Node) entered Leo and it’ll stay there until early November. When the True Node is in Leo, the energy affects how we express ourselves as individuals, much like Uranus in Aries, particularly shifting us out of group-think mentality into thinking for ourselves. It’s a cycle of getting out of constant mental churning and learning to go with what your heart tells you.

With all of this going on under the surface of the faster-moving stuff, I think you can see why we’re in a time of such personal and global shift.

You’ll want to pay close attention to these four major influences as we progress through this 11 Gateway Year. They’ll be turbo-charging transformation opportunities Universally, and if any of them are particularly emphasized in your own Astro-Numerology profile, their influence will be intensified for you.

Share your insights and questions below!

Love & Blessings,


P.S. One  of the ways I teach energy healing and manifesting skills is through my free Radiant Resilience Community – click below to join us and get The Secret to Emotional Resilience 4-part audio mini-course free

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It’s Time for a New Paradigm of Women’s Wellness

There’s so much at stake for women right now.

It’s a critical time: we’ve been operating under systems that don’t serve our highest good for far too long and were suffering the effects in epidemic proportions.

It’s time for a new paradigm of women’s wellness – one that supports our total wellness; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial. It’s time to step out of a masculine energy model that doesn’t support the natural ways of women, and into a feminine energy model that nourishes our whole being.

We all came here with infinite potential – a soul intention – and it got buried under layers of programming, false and limiting beliefs, traumatic experiences, unprocessed emotions, and cultural expectations.

We were born into a world that has operated under a masculine energy model for centuries. This isn’t about male versus female – this is about source energy.

Masculine energy is linear, penetrating, action-oriented, goal-aligned, competitive energy.

Feminine energy is receptive, nurturing, compassionate, creative, intuitive energy.

When women moved out into the world in a much greater way a few decades ago, of necessity, they stepped into operating under the masculine energy model: goal-focused doing and competition.

Our world is geared almost entirely toward masculine energy – competition in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, medicine, insurance, finances, sports, media, politics, advertising, lifestyle and appearance – and it has worn women to a frazzle.

It’s lead to sexualizing, labeling, devaluing and disrespecting women, and to creating barriers between women.

We’ve been oppressed by masculine energy, we’ve repressed our trauma, emotions, and grief, and we’ve suppressed our genuine nature…

and it has embodied itself as chronic anxiety, depression, pain, illness, exhaustion and overwhelm.

It’s caused us to doubt our sanity, our worth…our very existence. It’s a paradigm that must change if women are going to get out from under the avalanche of chronic pain, chronic illness, chronic anxiety, depression, overwhelm and exhaustion that is paralyzing us.


I come from a generational line of women who’ve had a pattern of abusive relationships and chronic anxiety. My biological father was a very violent man, and I classically got into more than one abusive relationship myself.

Because of it, I suffered decades of chronic anxiety, depression and widespread body pain, along with a host of other dis-eases: migraines, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, and endometriosis, to name a few.

I spent my teens rebelling, my 20s repressing, my 30s imploding, and my 40s healing – and that began first with Western medication and psychotherapy, and then became a personal investigative journey into wholly living that took place over the last 18 years.

It was a long and winding road – and I sabotaged myself more than once along the way. The summer I turned 50 began a whole new journey for me, a journey that’s moved from taking back my personal healing power to stepping into my calling and creating a movement of indomitable women.

In the years’ since, I’ve talked with hundreds of women – through surveys, in forums and Facebook groups, in podcast and summit interviews, in private calls; as I did, I began to see a pattern.

I discovered it wasn’t just me who had experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, loss, illness and dis-ease…

And it wasn’t just me who felt like an outsider, a misfit, like I’d made too many mistakes…

And it wasn’t just me who had come to a crossroads – to a decision point to live life differently, on my own terms.

As I’ve talked with women over the past couple of years, I’ve discovered there’s a common theme: they’ve all had a catalyzing incident that’s moved them to a tipping point. For some, it’s been a huge thing: a sudden tragedy or a cancer diagnosis. For others, it’s been a seemingly small thing: the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back – an everyday incident that caused them to say, Enough!

Whatever it was, it was the thing that made them choose a new path. And for virtually all of them, they had no idea at the outset what that path would be or where it would take them. They simply knew they couldn’t take any more of the way things were.

It begins with that first recognition of truth – the glimmer of an idea that there can be something beyond suffering, the inkling that you’re here for a larger purpose.

And that decision – that choice to allow yourself to change, to create something new, to step into your infinite potential lifts you to a positive emotional vibration right away.

And that gives you the first glimmer of power to create a new life.

The other common thread is that, somewhere along the healing journey, they’ve all discovered they’re here for a larger purpose, and that their life experiences have laid a foundation for them to help others in some way.

We’re gathering a community for this reason: to support women stepping into their personal power to heal, and to work together collectively to create a new paradigm of women’s wellness.

A paradigm that’s inclusive, collaborative, expansive, creative, intuitive, cooperative, and expressive.

A paradigm that gathers, nourishes and supports divine feminine healers.

A paradigm that breaks the bonds of the masculine energy model we’ve been chained to for way too long already.

A paradigm that deconstructs limiting beliefs and creates space for infinite possibility.

A paradigm that supports and allows individuality, uniqueness, and personal calling.

A paradigm that merges all our love, light and compassion with our strength, capability and endurance.

Can you feel the urgency to gather?

We’re out of time: we can no longer allow the old ways to continue.

It’s time for women to stand together and reclaim their feminine spiritual power.

Are you in?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


Love & Blessings,


P.S. One  of the ways I teach energy healing and manifesting skills is through my free Radiant Resilience Community – click below to join us and get The Secret to Emotional Resilience 4-part audio mini-course free

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Are You Cracking Up?

Two years ago today I left the last pieces of my old life behind.

At the time, I was recently-divorced, living in a rented house on a 130-acre organic farm and recovering from the year from hell I’d had in 2013 – and working on manifesting who I wanted to become now that I had the opportunity to do it differently.

For 20 years I had worked in the medical transcription industry – all of it working from home, first as a self-employed contractor and later for a national company – and I by that time I was in Quality Control.

On September 12, 2014, my sister and I said goodbye to our Mama’s house as it was handed over to it’s new owners. (They turned out to be a lovely young family who appreciate Mama’s house so much, so I know she’s smiling down on them).

It was also the day I left my longstanding career behind to step into the role I’m here to fulfill: Bringing hope, help and healing to wounded women.

So many things catalyzed that change. At first, it was things outside my control – the death of my mother, the demise of my marriage, the emptying of my nest, the death of my dog. Then it became something I actively pursued.

But a whole lot of healing and understanding happened in between those two stages.

Earlier this summer, when I was going through another cycle of change, I went to the library to get some books. I was feeling uninspired, so I asked the librarian to recommend something: she gave me a book called The Last Time I Was Me, authored by Cathy Lamb. I’d never read her work before.

When I opened the book later that day and read the first few words, I about fell off my chair. I could easily have written the opening lines, and those lines set the stage for a story that aligns completely with what I’m doing in the world – both personally and professionally.

With Cathy’s gracious permission, I’m quoting those first words here:

“Women can look so innocent.

And a few of them might be. Innocent I mean.

Most aren’t.

Most have secrets. Pretty big ones, if I do say so myself.

They silently nurture raging passions they’ve smothered for years because life has insisted they do so. They hide who they truly are because they’re in a box and no one in their families would feel comfortable if they broke out of that box like a rose on speed. They think non-innocent thoughts like: Should I castrate my husband? Should I leave my family and pesky in-laws, head for Tahiti, and have a fling with a lifeguard while downing daiquiris?

Women can smile and be gracious and kind. And most women usually are. Gracious and kind, I mean.

But to assume that a woman, any woman, is completely innocent is to be completely naive.

For example, take my recent not-so-innocent nervous breakdown.

The breakdown happened to occur in front of eight-hundred-thirty-four advertising execs and their minions. All of whom think they are imminently cool and vitally necessary to the earth’s continual spinning around the sun.

As the creative director for a stratospherically successful advertising firm in Chicago I suppose you could say I went out in a big way.

My mother died two months before.

I had also found out that my longtime live-in boyfriend had not one current girlfriend on the side, but a small harem. This had prompted me to retaliate against him in a colorful and creative manner using, among other things, a hot-glue gun. The police were called, handcuffs were snapped, charges were filed, and now I had to be in court in a few months to fight assault charges. Plus, Jared Nunley, the boyfriend, who will heretofore be known as Slick Dick, was suing me for every nickel I had.

Me, and ex-soloist in my church choir, who sold the most cookies three years in a row in Girl Scouts, had charges filed against her for assault.

The truly bad thing about it was that my ex-husband had no lasting damage done to his body.

I had worked days and nights for a week for this particular presentation and Jessica, my insanely competitive twenty-three-year-old intern, kept implying that I was out of touch, with one of those saccharine sweet smiles you want to rip off people’s faces. I suddenly felt this insidious crack in my body breaking me open right up at the podium.”

~ from The Last Time I Was Me, by Cathy Lamb


It goes on to tell the story of a woman, Jeanne, ditching her entire life, heading into the unknown (in her case, literally, by getting in her car with a few possessions and driving until she decided to stop), doing some really hard healing work and finding her genuine self under all the debris of her life, and building a whole new and different kind of life where the ‘real her’ could find joy and thrive.

The events of early 2013 led to my own “not-so-innocent breakdown.” I ran away to hide in a small cabin in the woods that fall, leaving a lot of my possessions behind. I did the hard work of healing and excavating myself out from under a lifetime of pain and trauma.

When I left that cabin in April of 2014, just days before the first anniversary of my Mama’s death and the day of my final divorce hearing – and just a few days after euthanizing my dog when he began bleeding internally – I was on unsteady legs, but I was moving forward to a new life for myself and leaving what was left of the past behind.

By September, when Mama’s house sold and I left my 20-year career, I was physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically aligned to manifest a whole new life…

and little did I know where it would take me!

Part of the process of choosing to step into expansion and create something new is allowing – the decision to let it be different. It’s creating space to make room for the new to expand and become what serves your highest good…

without trying to control how that happens.

I don’t mean sitting on your butt and passively waiting for something good to happen – taking inspired action toward your desires and goals is very important – but rather, setting your intentions around what you want to have come into your life and then getting out of the way of the divine by letting it happen in its own way, in its own time.

Allowing power to bring it into existence rather than trying to force it into existence. For a lot of us, that’s not an easy thing to do, and I had some bumps in the road when I was trying too hard to force things.

In the present, though, as it happened for Jeanne in The Last Time I Was Me, I ended up in a life that supports my well-being.

Over the course of the last couple of years, I’ve talked to hundreds of women about the adversities that women face, and I’ve discovered that Jeanne’s experience – and my own experience – isn’t uncommon. Women all over the place are cracking up – they’re breaking down, collapsing under the weight of expectations and demands, anxiety and grief, pain and illness, trauma and abuse, and trying to do it all.

And women everywhere are saying Enough! They’re committing to finding a healthier, saner, happier way of life.

On the Indomitable Women podcast, I interviewed women who’ve experienced exactly this same thing: coming to a tipping point – or a crisis point – in their lives and making a decision to do it differently, then finding creative ways to heal and thrive.

And then they’re stepping up to help other women find the way to heal, and to connect back to the natural ways of women that have been buried for so long in our masculine-energy oriented society.

The divine feminine is rising, and women are awakening and gathering. More and more women every day are done with living under a social and cultural model that doesn’t nourish women and doesn’t acknowledge the necessary balance of feminine energy we need.

In September of 2009, the Dalai Lama said: “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” When he made that statement, we were very early in the 9-year Universal Cycle that’s coming to a conclusion this year.

I believe the trend that’s happening now – women drawing the line and actively creating change, and then stepping out in their power to help other women – is the coalescence of the Dalai Lama’s prediction. It’s the rise of the divine feminine, and women are gathering together in powerful circles to bring back the natural ways of women.

And those natural ways are going to take center stage in the humanity shift that’s on the horizon.

As we close out the final days of this 9-year cycle and prepare for a new cycle to begin – a cycle that I believe is going to herald tremendous change for women – I’d like you to ask yourself a question:

Are you ready to create healing and manifest the life you’re dreaming of?

If you’ve been feeling like you’re cracking up – feeling a little bit like you’re going crazy, feeling powerless, feeling like you can’t take it another minute – you’re feeling the energy of the divine feminine rising, and you’re being called to step into your power and join the ranks of women who are awakening and gathering to help humanity heal.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about women “cracking up” in the comments below.

Love & Blessings,


P.S. – Be sure to check out Cathy Lamb’s books – I’ve read several more since and they’re all about women cracking up and finding themselves underneath. You can find her here: 

P.P.S. One  of the ways I teach energy healing and manifesting skills is through my free Radiant Resilience Community – click below to join us and get The Secret to Emotional Resilience 4-part audio mini-course free