Retrogrades get a bad rap. Especially Mercury Retrograde.

Today, we’re entering the first Mercury Retrograde of 2018 (there’s a second one at the end of July and a third in mid-November). The current retrograde lasts until April 15th.

When a planet stops its forward motion for a period of time, it’s said to be retrograde ~ moving backwards. It’s easy to see why that points our attention to past events.

Because every planet has its own energy, and it governs things related to that energy, each planetary retrograde affects us in a different way.

From a Universal perspective, Mercury is the planet that governs communication and commerce, as well as mechanical and technical things. Communication covers a lot of things: direct conversations; mail and email; texting; books, songs, movies, and television; advertising; social media; sales and marketing; sixth sense, energy, and intuition; human and Divine messages; body language and expressions; and much more.

When we’re in Mercury Retrograde, getting our point across successfully can sometimes be challenging (not to mention the troubles that often arise with computers, phones, printers, and other communication devices).

But, there’s another side to all of this, one that’ll help you heal some longstanding stuff and help you move forward, not only during the current Mercury Retrograde, but throughout the year as we move through other planetary retrogrades.

The symptoms of unease you’re experiencing right now have their energetic roots in past experiences, minor to major. The beliefs you hold today formed from those experiences, and they’ve been reinforced by thinking them for so long you’ve come to accept them as truth.

Those beliefs, along with their corresponding emotions, have created negative energy and formed blocks in the smooth flow of your energy processing system, leading to the symptoms of unease you’re experiencing in your life today.

Planetary retrogrades are an ideal time to finish old business once and for all. Energetically, they’re all about pausing, assessing what’s out of balance, and doing the necessary healing work in preparation to move forward from a healthier place.

They’re a time for shedding burdens that you’ve carried for far too long.

Beginning back on March 9th, we entered a season of multiple retrogrades that last right through into the first few days of 2019.

Because each planet governs something a little bit different, let’s take a look at each one means for you personally:

  1. Jupiter Retrograde (March 9 to July 10): Jupiter governs your personal growth and expansion, so in retrograde, it’s all about assessing and healing where you’ve been stuck in old patterns that keep you from moving forward toward creating the life you desire.
  2. Mercury Retrograde (March 22 to April 15): Mercury governs how you communicate with the world, so in retrograde, it’s all about recognizing your Truth, healing false beliefs, and gaining the confidence to communicate who you really are.
  3. Saturn Retrograde (April 17 to September 6): Saturn governs obstacles, limitations, and big life lessons, so in retrograde, it’s all about uncovering where you’re letting outside forces (people and circumstances) limit you and reclaiming your personal power to determine the scope of your life.
  4. Pluto Retrograde (April 22 to September 30): Pluto governs transformation, rebirth, and spirituality, so in retrograde, it’s all about understanding your own Big Why ~ your Purpose and soul-intention for this lifetime ~ so you can create a major shift into living the life you came to live.
  5. Neptune Retrograde (June 18 to November 24): Neptune governs dreams, deceptions, and psychism, so in retrograde, it’s all about looking under the surface to see beyond what the naked eye can see (and the logical mind can process) to better understand your illusions and self-deceptions (and the deceptions of others), allowing you to more fully tap into your spiritual gifts and expand your spiritual nature.
  6. Mars Retrograde (June 26 to August 27): Mars governs self-assertion, sexuality, and adventure, so in retrograde, it’s all about knowing what’s influencing your confidence, actions, and openness so you can do the things you want to do without stress, anxiety, or guilt.
  7. Uranus Retrograde (August 2 to January 6): Uranus governs individuality and change, so in retrograde, it’s all about knowing your true self and identifying what’s keeping you from expressing your uniqueness so you can create the change you’re seeking.
  8. Venus Retrograde (October 5 to November 16): Venus governs love, creativity, and beauty, so in retrograde, it’s all about knowing where you’re blocking your opportunities to receive love and create a nurturing environment so you can open the flow of receiving intangible abundance.

The energy of planetary retrogrades supports us in taking a final look back in order to finally put to rest the things that have prevented us from creating the change we desire, and when the planet returns to forward motion (goes direct), we’re energetically supported in doing the same.

In other words, we get unstuck…if we do the healing work we need to do during the retrograde period.

Right now, it’s a good time to consider how you’re communicating, and the best place to start is by looking at what you tell yourself. What beliefs do you hold, and what stories to you hold onto? What repetitive thoughts do you think? What do you say to yourself over and over? What do you tell others about you and your life repeatedly?

By looking closely at what you tell yourself every day, you’ll quickly begin to identify where you’re creating blocks and getting stuck. When you know, you can take steps to heal those false beliefs so you can move forward.

Love & Blessings,


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