I get it.

You want it to be quick, easy, and cost effective. You think you don’t have the time, energy, or money to invest in yourself.

But you’re smart: you know healing takes time – and effort and money.

Back in the mid-1990s, when I couldn’t handle my anxiety, depression, body pain, and chronic illnesses any longer, I spent a couple of years talking to different therapists, going to different doctors and specialists, and trying different medications, looking for the magic bullet – the answer to my healing.

None of it worked.

I was resisting healing.

I wanted the therapists to just fix me.

I wanted the doctors to just fix me.

I wanted the medications to just fix me.

I wanted the specialists to find a label to describe me (because I was certain my problem wasn’t something normal) and then to just fix me.

When I’d land in the hospital with severe chest pain and heart arrhythmia, debilitating migraines, and other physical pain and illness, I’d want someone to just fix me.

Most of the time, the conversation always turned to my anxiety and depression – even when there were real, measurable physical symptoms present.

Well, no-fucking-duh! I had a problem with anxiety…and I. WANTED. SOMEONE. TO. JUST. FIX. ME.

Guess what? The only person who could fix me was me.

It took me decades to figure that out, all the while suffering more anxiety, more depression, more panic attacks, more chronic pain, more chronic illnesses, and more disasters in my life.

And all the while, I was resisting healing.

Why? Because I wanted someone or something outside myself to provide a solution – a quick, easy, cost-effective solution.

Even when I turned to alternative medicine and holistic wellness in the late 1990s, I was still looking outside myself for the answer, albeit in a much healthier way.

I wanted the woman who first taught me to meditate to just fix me.

I wanted the woman who first taught me yoga to just fix me.

I wanted the man who first helped me see my divine nature – after years of resisting anything to do with spirituality because of my early religious programming – to just fix me.

When my whole life collapsed a few years ago, and I finally took responsibility for my own healing, things finally changed.

Why? Because I faced it head on and did the hard work – I invested time, energy, and money in my own well-being – and I added an invaluable component to my wealth of holistic healing knowledge: working to heal on a spiritual level, a soul level.

We’re designed to heal ourselves, both on the physical level and on the soul level. We’re meant to create healing magic for ourselves (and for others).

But it takes deep work…and time and effort…and that’s where we get tripped up. Our culture has done us a grave disservice by promoting the false idea that there is any magic bullet or quick fix.

Do you resist healing, too? Here’s how you’ll know:

If you spend a lot of time wanting things to be different, your body to heal, your emotions to calm, your mind to settle, your relationships to improve, your finances to be better, your lifestyle to change…

and a) you tell yourself that *something/someone* outside yourself holds the answer, b) you tell yourself there is a single, simple solution that’ll fix everything, and/or c) you always make excuses about why you can’t invest time, energy, and/or money in yourself…

you’re resisting healing, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Take it from the woman who threw herself under the bus for everything and everyone for decades, the resistance to doing something for yourself is proof positive you’ve got some negative beliefs around your worth, deservedness, and value that are sabotaging you over and over.

And I can guarantee that it’s showing up in your health and in your life in a negative way.

True healing – deep, abiding healing – comes from within.
You already know how to heal – it’s an innate power that’s divinely sourced, and I promise that you have access to it: you just need to get reconnected to your own healing magic!

Love & Blessings,


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