New Year's Special $297 - 50% off the regular price of $597

Understanding the patterns revealed in your personal Numerology, Astrology and Tarot provides the detailed information you need to access your personal wellness frequency - and the power, purpose, and prosperity meant for you.

It's the owner’s manual that is highly personalized to exactly who you are, one that supports every aspect of your individuality.

With your Divine Signature Map reading and consultations, I'll show you how your unique celestial patterns provide all the information you need to create your divine life.


Discover How to Create Your Divine Life

The first step in working with me to learn about your spiritual DNA is to provide the information I'll need to create your Divine Signature Map. Then, we'll meet for 60-minutes to discuss the core information, and again 15-30 days later talk about deeper layers, your questions and your next steps.

During our calls we will:

  • Review your complete Divine Signature Map in two steps: Core information and deeper layers
  • Discuss your major challenge areas and your keys to avoiding them
  • Identify your core strengths and your specific manifesting powers to expand them
  • Map out a course of action that will allow you to put this information to work and create your divine life
  • You'll receive an MP3 recording of both calls for review, along with a PDF copy of your full Map

Divine Signature Map New Year's Special $297 - 50% off the regular price of $597


  1. Fill out the form below completely and submit it.
  2. Check your email for an invoice and make your payment.
  3. You'll then receive further instructions about how to schedule your first consultation once your Divine Signature Map is ready. NOTE: Every Map is custom-created by hand so please be patient and allow 2-3 weeks for completion.
  4. Make a note of my direct email and feel free to contact me in the interim with any questions: katt@indomitablewomen.org