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Do You Resist Healing?

I get it.

You want it to be quick, easy, and cost effective. You think you don’t have the time, energy, or money to invest in yourself.

But you’re smart: you know healing takes time – and effort and money.

Back in the mid-1990s, when I couldn’t handle my anxiety, depression, body pain, and chronic illnesses any longer, I spent a couple of years talking to different therapists, going to different doctors and specialists, and trying different medications, looking for the magic bullet – the answer to my healing.

None of it worked.

I was resisting healing.

I wanted the therapists to just fix me.

I wanted the doctors to just fix me.

I wanted the medications to just fix me.

I wanted the specialists to find a label to describe me (because I was certain my problem wasn’t something normal) and then to just fix me.

When I’d land in the hospital with severe chest pain and heart arrhythmia, debilitating migraines, and other physical pain and illness, I’d want someone to just fix me.

Most of the time, the conversation always turned to my anxiety and depression – even when there were real, measurable physical symptoms present.

Well, no-fucking-duh! I had a problem with anxiety…and I. WANTED. SOMEONE. TO. JUST. FIX. ME.

Guess what? The only person who could fix me was me.

It took me decades to figure that out, all the while suffering more anxiety, more depression, more panic attacks, more chronic pain, more chronic illnesses, and more disasters in my life.

And all the while, I was resisting healing.

Why? Because I wanted someone or something outside myself to provide a solution – a quick, easy, cost-effective solution.

Even when I turned to alternative medicine and holistic wellness in the late 1990s, I was still looking outside myself for the answer, albeit in a much healthier way.

I wanted the woman who first taught me to meditate to just fix me.

I wanted the woman who first taught me yoga to just fix me.

I wanted the man who first helped me see my divine nature – after years of resisting anything to do with spirituality because of my early religious programming – to just fix me.

When my whole life collapsed a few years ago, and I finally took responsibility for my own healing, things finally changed.

Why? Because I faced it head on and did the hard work – I invested time, energy, and money in my own well-being – and I added an invaluable component to my wealth of holistic healing knowledge: working to heal on a spiritual level, a soul level.

We’re designed to heal ourselves, both on the physical level and on the soul level. We’re meant to create healing magic for ourselves (and for others).

But it takes deep work…and time and effort…and that’s where we get tripped up. Our culture has done us a grave disservice by promoting the false idea that there is any magic bullet or quick fix.

Do you resist healing, too? Here’s how you’ll know:

If you spend a lot of time wanting things to be different, your body to heal, your emotions to calm, your mind to settle, your relationships to improve, your finances to be better, your lifestyle to change…

and a) you tell yourself that *something/someone* outside yourself holds the answer, b) you tell yourself there is a single, simple solution that’ll fix everything, and/or c) you always make excuses about why you can’t invest time, energy, and/or money in yourself…

you’re resisting healing, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Take it from the woman who threw herself under the bus for everything and everyone for decades, the resistance to doing something for yourself is proof positive you’ve got some negative beliefs around your worth, deservedness, and value that are sabotaging you over and over.

And I can guarantee that it’s showing up in your health and in your life in a negative way.

True healing – deep, abiding healing – comes from within.
You already know how to heal – it’s an innate power that’s divinely sourced, and I promise that you have access to it: you just need to get reconnected to your own healing magic!

Love & Blessings,


P.S. If you’re tired of resisting, I’d like to invite you to reconnect to your healing magic >> Six-Week Shift Self-Healing Intensive

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8 Surefire Tricks Guaranteed to Improve Your Energy

You are energy. Everything and everyone around you is energy. The Universe is energy. And all that energy is communicating all the time. You are communicating all the time.

The question is, are you choosing what you’re sending out, or is your subconscious programming running the show?

There’s a simple way to tell: are you attracting the experiences you want to attract and living a healthy, vibrant life?

If you want to begin to consciously choose, it’s vital that you change your energy. When you raise your vibration, you naturally begin to heal and to attract the things you want.

In this article, you’ll learn eight surefire tricks guaranteed to improve your energy.

What you put in, on, and around your body matters

When the things you come in contact with have a high vibration you’re adding strength to your energy.

Choose pure foods, clean water, and quality supplements or medicinals. Carefully select natural body-care products, cosmetics, and fragrances.

Pay attention to your environment, too. Use green cleaning products, monitor air quality, and use energy-clearing techniques in your home.

Choose to limit your exposure to negative or toxic people that drain your energy.

Get in tune with celestial and earthly cycles and rhythms

Nature and the Universe move through cycles. You’re designed to be cyclic, too – inhaling and exhaling, eating and eliminating, waking and sleeping.

Allow yourself to flow with natural cycles instead of resisting them (or pushing your way through them).

Cycles of sleeping and waking, and reflection and action, are especially important. When you’re busy doing, you’re in Beta-wave brain rhythm. It’s important to get into the alternate brainwave states of Alpha, Theta, and Delta as often as you can.

Alpha is the creative brainwave state; Theta is the meditative brainwave state; and Delta is the deep sleep brainwave state where major repair work takes place.

Create heart-brain coherence

Your heart emits a powerful electromagnetic field, one that’s 5000 times greater than the electromagnetic field of your brain.

That field is highly responsive to your emotions. When your emotional state is always in chaos, your brain is receiving distress messages and the emotional processing areas of your brain send out the distress signal to your body.

Regularly practice focusing on elevated emotions such as Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness, and your brain will receive an all-is-well message and communicate it to your body.

Practice mindfulness meditation

Set aside time to fully focus on your inner self. Mindfulness meditation allows you to shift into Theta brainwave state and become The Observer, checking in with what’s going on in your body, with your breathing, and with your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. Healing occurs easily in Theta state.

Once you’re in Theta state, you can choose to hold your focus on anything you’d like. It can be an object, a mental image, or an experience. You can also move your focus around your body, scanning different areas. The key thing is, as outside thoughts arise, notice them then simply let them pass.

Use affirmations and visualizations

Intentionality – choosing the positive things you want to create in your life by focusing on them while in Theta state – is easy to do using affirmations and visualizations.

Make present tense “I” statements that reflect qualities you aspire to – for example, “I am calm and confident.” Spend time reciting your affirmations while focusing on feeling joy about them in your heart center.

Use your affirmations when you notice yourself feeling fear, doubt, or uncertainty. Just recite them until you return to a state of calm.

Visualizations are images you hold in your mind about what you’re creating. All you have to do is create an image in your mind of what you want to achieve. Then, hold it in your mind’s eye while feeling those same feelings of joy in your heart center.

Have a daily gratitude practice

Gratitude is one of the highest vibration emotions we can feel, and it’s simple to do: just focus your attention on your heart center, and prayerfully recite everything you’re grateful for right now. Challenge yourself to list at least five things every day – ten if you’re really daring. You can write them in a journal if you wish.

You can do this any time of day, but right before bed is a powerful time to practice gratitude. The emotional state you’re in when you fall asleep continues all night, and it alters the state you’ll be in when you wake up.

Open up to your spiritual gifts, and to Divine Guidance

Your spiritual gifts show up in several ways: clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance.

Clairsentience is feeling energy in your body – your “gut feeling” about something, although the feeling can show up anywhere in your body.

Clairaudience is hearing auditory guidance – coming from your subconscious mind and from the Divine Beings who guide you.

Clairvoyance is seeing images – sometimes they’re mental images and sometimes they’re angels, spirits, or other spiritual beings.

Claircognizance is “knowingness” – effortlessly perceiving the answer without purposefully thinking about it.

When you regularly connect to your sensory system you become attuned to the difference between positive and negative energy and can easily make informed choices.

Rewrite your emotional beliefs

Right now, you’re reacting to everything that happens with an outdated, subconscious operating system that causes a never-ending negative feedback loop from your brain to your body and back again. It’s wreaking havoc on your health and on your life.

This programming was encoded in your early life in response to your experiences – emotional development and energy development go hand-in-hand in childhood – and the programming was reinforced in later decades when you continued to attract the same kind of experiences again and again.

Rooting out and rewriting your old emotional beliefs will change your underlying programming so you can choose a new, conscious response to current events. It allows you to create a positive feedback loop instead.

Remaining in a positive state is the ultimate key to raising your vibration, and it all begins changing with your emotional belief system and your habits.

Choose one or two of these tricks and get started on improving your energy today – you’ll quickly begin to create healing magic and to attract your heart’s desires!

Love & Blessings,


P.S. Come join my free Radiant Resilience Community and get access to more energy medicine and holistic healing resources