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Healing 365 Podcast – Ep000

I’m so excited to introduce you to the Healing 365 Podcast!

The podcast is an in-depth exploration of restoring body balance, redefining energy boundaries, and reawakening soul connection for women who are ready to heal their trauma, find their power, and create resilience every day.

Give a listen and learn the details about why I was inspired to create this podcast, and how it flows.

The podcast is aligned with the Radiant Resilience Community and Academy where I share exclusive resources, readings, and events.

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Healing 365 Podcast – Ep001

The Threefold Path to Resilience Recovery

If you’re a midlife woman, you need to hear this – seriously, it’s vital to your healing.

There’s an epidemic of body pain and illness, anxiety and depression running rampant among midlife women. There’s a reason – and there’s a solution.

In this episode, you’ll learn why your early emotional development set the stage for a midlife crisis, how you got disconnected from your soul (and soul intention), and the threefold path that will bring you back into alignment so you can create healing magic.

The podcast is aligned with the Radiant Resilience Community and Academy where I share exclusive resources, readings, and events.

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What Really Creates Marked Transformation

Five years ago, on April 11, 2013, my Mama transitioned out of this human life, and her death catalyzed a major transformation for me.

My relationship with my mother wasn’t always easy (are any Mother-Daughter relationships ever easy?), and the last few years of her life were especially difficult. With her declining health and her increasing dementia, and my role as her Medical Power of Attorney entrusted with making life-altering decisions for Mama, we completely switched roles.

All of this happened in my late forties, during a time when decades of negative patterns were coming to an explosive head. The tipping point didn’t come for another five months but it was set in motion in the weeks just before, and just after, her death.

On the morning after her funeral, I encountered my first eagle.

I was walking on my favorite trail along the river with my dog, Maverick, thinking about my grief, my anger, and the devastation of my life. We were about halfway back when I happened to look up, and there on a tree branch right next to the trail sat a huge eagle, looking out over the river. As Mav and I approached, it swiveled it’s head to look down at us briefly, then resumed it’s study of the river. Cautiously, I crept closer, until we were barely ten feet from the tree. Every so often, the eagle would swivel it’s head and look down at us again, then turn back to the river. We stood there for close to half an hour when finally, the eagle looked down at us once more, then rose into the air on a great flap of wings and soared out over the water and away.

At the time, I didn’t give the experience any special spiritual significance, yet I did make a strong emotional connection between it and my mother. Over the next few months, though, eagles showed up everywhere, especially when I was the most distraught, or when I had a major decision to make (and there were lots of them around that time).

One particularly memorable day, I was driving down a local road, crying as I listened to Carrie Underwood singing See You Again on the radio. I had left the house to escape yet another distressing conversation with my then-husband, and right that moment, I just wanted my Mama. And there they were: a pair of eagles soared over the trees and followed the roadway in front of my car for probably half a mile before they veered off and away again.

Another time, more than two years later, I had just made a difficult decision about a new relationship and I was out walking. And there they were again, soaring over the trees and following along the roadway for a while before heading off.

There are dozens of stories like these, and they continue to this day. There are other ways eagles have shown up, too: finding an eagle key chain in a purse given to me by someone else (they didn’t know it was there); having eagles prominently feature in a Reiki session and an Akashic Records reading; and often drawing the Eagle animal spirit card at decision-making times.

The eagle symbolizes Divine connection, and it symbolizes freedom, healing, and strength. For quite a while, I didn’t really get it; I just knew that when an eagle showed up, I felt comforted and reassured.

As I mentioned, the tipping point didn’t come for another five months. In between, my predominant emotion was anger. Intense, raging, furious anger. They say that anger is a common part of the grieving process, but the level I experienced went above and beyond classic grief: it was utter fury.

Some of it was directed at other people (not literally, but in my own thoughts): my father, my exes, and others. After all, when we’re able to blame others for what they did to us, we don’t have to accept responsibility for what we created.

In truth, though, most of it was directed at myself. And that was a key emotional shift for me.

I’d spent many decades seeing myself as a victim ~ as powerless and worthless.

While it’s true that some other people did some pretty awful things to me through the years, I allowed it because I didn’t believe I had any other choice. Even when I’d find the resolve to change something, I’d recreate the same pattern over and over again because I didn’t value myself, and I believed I deserved what I got.

When the tipping point came ~ after I found out my dog had terminal kidney cancer ~ I spiraled down into self-pity. I went from furiously angry to deep emptiness in a matter of days.

Up to that time, of necessity, I had been dealing with the aftermath of my mother’s death, the end of my marriage, moving, and lots of other things, so I hadn’t yet truly grieved all my losses…and I’d been too steeped in anger to get quiet enough to do it.

That emptiness felt a lot like depression, and perhaps that was a component of it. Yet, it was much more than that. It felt as if all the anger had been a months-long tantrum, discharging decades of negative energy.

Even though I had symptoms that are attributed to depression ~ I was exhausted, lethargic, had no joy in anything, didn’t do much beyond going through the motions of my day ~ I was also strangely calm.

Part of me didn’t want to do the work it would take to pull myself back up one more time; I’d done it a lot over the course of my life already. Another part of me was intrigued by the idea of what might fill that emptiness.

And, I was even more intrigued by the idea that maybe I could proactively empty out even more old stuff, that perhaps I had power over the situation.

I hadn’t yet made the leap from there to the idea that I could actively create what I wanted, but it was a short jump from one to the other soon after.

I began to purposefully look back at everything and intentionally choose to release it, simply deciding I was done with that particular pattern. I purged things in droves, both energetically and physically. The more I cleared, the more I wanted to clear.

The more I wanted to clear, the more I started to see the possibilities for what could be.

The more I could see the possibilities, the more I started to believe I had a choice.

The more I believed I had a choice, the more I began to actively set intentions.

The more I actively set intentions, the more the synchronicities happened.

By the first anniversary of my mother’s transition ~ and, ironically, the day my divorce became final ~ I was already living in a new location, planning a new business venture, and (unknown to me at the time) on the threshold of a completely different kind of relationship later in the year.

In those months, I made conscientious choices about what I wanted to carry forward into my new life and what I needed to release, literally and figuratively. Then, I intentionally cultivated what I wanted to create, physically and spiritually, and looked for the ways to harmonize the two into something new.

It’s easy when we’re suffering to want to throw everything away, yet we always have something of value to carry forward with us and carefully merge with the new to create a divine alchemy.

And that’s what it really takes to create marked transformation.

Those eagles showed up again and again to help me remember that we’re all Divine energy incarnated in human form, and that we have power over what we create. It all begins with emotional energy and beliefs.

I believe the Divine seeks to bring every one of us to our own tipping point ~ the point where we remember our divinity. I believe the circumstances that catalyze transformation can be small and large; when we miss the lesson in the small situations, they get bigger, until something finally gets our attention.

My mother’s death catalyzed things for me ~ in part because I realized what a restricted life she lived, and I want more for me, for my daughters, for my granddaughters, and for all women. At first it made me angry, for her and for myself, and then I understood that I have the opportunity to make things different, first for me, then for others.

If you’ve read this far, something has already catalyzed your own awakening to the possibility that things can be different; what’s your story?

Love & Blessings,


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Ready to Release Your Self-Imposed Limitations?

April’s Stabilizing Six energy has its roots in 15 energy. Fifteen is created from the 10 and the 5 – both numbers of significant change and evolution (with the potential to get thrown backwards into old patterns). It’s the Spiritual Alchemist number that asks you to release the past and the ego.

In the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the 15 card is The Devil. This card is about recognizing self-deception and self-limiting behaviors. It’s the card that reminds us we always have a choice, even when external circumstances seem to be working against us: our choice is in our response to the situation.

Our default reactions are based in old emotional patterns and beliefs; we have the power to step out of those old habits and form new responses.

The traditional Rider-Waite card (on the right) depicts loose chains that we could easily slip out of if only we stop perceiving ourselves as powerless, limiting ourselves (and sometimes sabotaging ourselves) because we believe something has power over us.

In The Good Tarot deck, the card is called Temptation instead, and it’s all about attachment to things that don’t serve us well, yet we choose to stay bound by them.

The card that follows the 15 is The Tower – the card of epic shift in our lives. We can create the monumental change we seek through mastering the emotional shift from powerless to powerful, limited to limitless.

April’s energy gives us the chance to deeply assess our self-defeating behavior patterns, and to release longstanding limitations.

What limitations do you want to release this month? Share below!

Love & Blessings,


P.S. One of the ways I teach energy healing and manifesting skills is through my free Radiant Resilience Community – click below to join us and get The Secret to Emotional Resilience 4-part audio mini-course free

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Christine Cowin

“Working with Katt Tozier in looking inward a few hours a month has helped me identify and progress through various issues so much faster and more efficiently than the many hours a month/years of counseling I have had! Her focus, desire to help, years of experience and gift from the divine has me in awe every time we speak. […]

Natasha M.
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How Planetary Retrogrades Help You Heal

Retrogrades get a bad rap. Especially Mercury Retrograde.

Today, we’re entering the first Mercury Retrograde of 2018 (there’s a second one at the end of July and a third in mid-November). The current retrograde lasts until April 15th.

When a planet stops its forward motion for a period of time, it’s said to be retrograde ~ moving backwards. It’s easy to see why that points our attention to past events.

Because every planet has its own energy, and it governs things related to that energy, each planetary retrograde affects us in a different way.

From a Universal perspective, Mercury is the planet that governs communication and commerce, as well as mechanical and technical things. Communication covers a lot of things: direct conversations; mail and email; texting; books, songs, movies, and television; advertising; social media; sales and marketing; sixth sense, energy, and intuition; human and Divine messages; body language and expressions; and much more.

When we’re in Mercury Retrograde, getting our point across successfully can sometimes be challenging (not to mention the troubles that often arise with computers, phones, printers, and other communication devices).

But, there’s another side to all of this, one that’ll help you heal some longstanding stuff and help you move forward, not only during the current Mercury Retrograde, but throughout the year as we move through other planetary retrogrades.

The symptoms of unease you’re experiencing right now have their energetic roots in past experiences, minor to major. The beliefs you hold today formed from those experiences, and they’ve been reinforced by thinking them for so long you’ve come to accept them as truth.

Those beliefs, along with their corresponding emotions, have created negative energy and formed blocks in the smooth flow of your energy processing system, leading to the symptoms of unease you’re experiencing in your life today.

Planetary retrogrades are an ideal time to finish old business once and for all. Energetically, they’re all about pausing, assessing what’s out of balance, and doing the necessary healing work in preparation to move forward from a healthier place.

They’re a time for shedding burdens that you’ve carried for far too long.

Beginning back on March 9th, we entered a season of multiple retrogrades that last right through into the first few days of 2019.

Because each planet governs something a little bit different, let’s take a look at each one means for you personally:

  1. Jupiter Retrograde (March 9 to July 10): Jupiter governs your personal growth and expansion, so in retrograde, it’s all about assessing and healing where you’ve been stuck in old patterns that keep you from moving forward toward creating the life you desire.
  2. Mercury Retrograde (March 22 to April 15): Mercury governs how you communicate with the world, so in retrograde, it’s all about recognizing your Truth, healing false beliefs, and gaining the confidence to communicate who you really are.
  3. Saturn Retrograde (April 17 to September 6): Saturn governs obstacles, limitations, and big life lessons, so in retrograde, it’s all about uncovering where you’re letting outside forces (people and circumstances) limit you and reclaiming your personal power to determine the scope of your life.
  4. Pluto Retrograde (April 22 to September 30): Pluto governs transformation, rebirth, and spirituality, so in retrograde, it’s all about understanding your own Big Why ~ your Purpose and soul-intention for this lifetime ~ so you can create a major shift into living the life you came to live.
  5. Neptune Retrograde (June 18 to November 24): Neptune governs dreams, deceptions, and psychism, so in retrograde, it’s all about looking under the surface to see beyond what the naked eye can see (and the logical mind can process) to better understand your illusions and self-deceptions (and the deceptions of others), allowing you to more fully tap into your spiritual gifts and expand your spiritual nature.
  6. Mars Retrograde (June 26 to August 27): Mars governs self-assertion, sexuality, and adventure, so in retrograde, it’s all about knowing what’s influencing your confidence, actions, and openness so you can do the things you want to do without stress, anxiety, or guilt.
  7. Uranus Retrograde (August 2 to January 6): Uranus governs individuality and change, so in retrograde, it’s all about knowing your true self and identifying what’s keeping you from expressing your uniqueness so you can create the change you’re seeking.
  8. Venus Retrograde (October 5 to November 16): Venus governs love, creativity, and beauty, so in retrograde, it’s all about knowing where you’re blocking your opportunities to receive love and create a nurturing environment so you can open the flow of receiving intangible abundance.

The energy of planetary retrogrades supports us in taking a final look back in order to finally put to rest the things that have prevented us from creating the change we desire, and when the planet returns to forward motion (goes direct), we’re energetically supported in doing the same.

In other words, we get unstuck…if we do the healing work we need to do during the retrograde period.

Right now, it’s a good time to consider how you’re communicating, and the best place to start is by looking at what you tell yourself. What beliefs do you hold, and what stories to you hold onto? What repetitive thoughts do you think? What do you say to yourself over and over? What do you tell others about you and your life repeatedly?

By looking closely at what you tell yourself every day, you’ll quickly begin to identify where you’re creating blocks and getting stuck. When you know, you can take steps to heal those false beliefs so you can move forward.

Love & Blessings,


P.S. One  of the ways I teach energy healing and manifesting skills is through my free Radiant Resilience Community – click below to join us and get The Secret to Emotional Resilience 4-part audio mini-course free