Have you had the sense that if you could just find access to the right path for your own healing that you’re on the edge of something very powerful, something much bigger than your own personal healing?

I’ve felt that pull for more than a decade.

Have you experienced what seems like more than your “fair share” of pain, grief, trauma, and difficult life experiences?

I’ve had a very large share as well.

Are you an empathic soul who sees and feels everything deeply and you feel like other people don’t understand your sensitivity…and you wonder why some people can be so unfeeling?

I’ve always had strong emotion, strong intuition, and I’ve often been anguished by other’s pain.

Have you sometimes (or oftentimes) felt you were an outsider, a weirdo, a “black sheep,” odd, or even crazy? Do you feel like you don’t fit in? Is it hard for you to understand why other people do the things they do?

I’ve spent decades trying to fit in and to understand.

Have you made mistakes and poor choices that have convinced you you’re just a screwup or a loser? Has your guilt and shame about these things overwhelmed you sometimes?

I’ve fought hard for my self-worth.

But, what if all of those things serve a much larger purpose in your life than simply your experience of this lifetime?

What if it’s because you have the healing call?

Have you ever noticed that people seem to fall into two groups:

Those who seem to breeze through life – the ones with so-called good luck, the ones to whom things and relationships seem to come easily, for whom money is not usually an issue, promotions happen, disaster never strikes.

On the outside, it seems like they have it all.

And then there’s the other group: the ones whose lives seem like a living soap opera. Things happen, illnesses strike, problems come up, money is a struggle, there’s anxiety, there’s pain, there’s depression, there’s grief, there’s trauma.

There’s a constant battle to get through life.

What if those people are the ones who have the healing call?

I believe the healing call encompasses a lot more than those whom we typically perceive: the doctors, the nurses, the psychologists, the therapists.

I believe the healing call is part of a massive shift that’s happening to humanity. Those with the healing call came here to experience the dark side of humanity to better understand the light…

and ultimately to become the light bearers, the ones that BRING  the healing shift to humanity. They are those who KNOW what it’s like to walk through the deepest and darkest forests and to transcend the darkness and come out the other side, even if they’re not yet there.

They are the ones who crave sharing their experience to help others heal. They are the ones who understand and come to the world from a place of love and compassion. They are the ones who seek to bring positivity and happiness and joy to others. They are the ones who consider themselves the servers of the world.

They are the ones who slowly, step by step, person by person are connecting and shedding light in their area of influence…

and the light is forming a shift in energy…

and the energy is connecting to others who are doing the same thing…

and that energy is expanding and drawing those with the healing call together.

I believe if you’ve found your way here, you have the healing call…

even if you might not feel like it right now.

You might think I’m crazy for saying this because right now you’re still struggling to find your own way through, to find the way out of your own anxiety, your own chronic pain, your own grief, your own trauma, your own depression…

But if you’re looking for the way, if you’re seeking, if you desire that way out, you have the healing call.

There are three kinds of people who are somewhere on a healing path in this lifetime: 

Those who are actively seeking healing; those who have already come a long way on their healing journey and desire to help others heal; and those who are so weighed down by their pain they are not yet seeking healing because they feel hopeless.

If you weren’t a seeker, you wouldn’t have come this far and be reading now. Something in you resonates with the knowledge that you’re here for a greater purpose and that it’s time for your healing journey to take a rapid leap forward.

You’ve gotten a glimmer of an idea that your experiences might be your training ground.

But you’re not sure how to get over your own healing hurdles and then translate those experiences into credible teaching.

Perhaps you’re wondering if your glimmer of an idea about being called to be a healer is real.

Let me ask you a question: Have you experienced significant loss or change in the last few years? Have you been at a crossroads in life? Has your old life fallen apart – perhaps you’ve even “lost everything?” Have you experienced a significant illness? Has your way of thinking changed momentously? Have you noticed coincidences and other unusual happenings? Have you had moments of feeling like you’re on the edge of something huge…

and then thought you were nuts for feeling that way?

Those with the healing call experience all of these things and more. These are the things that are readying them to answer.

What if accelerating your OWN healing is as simple as accepting the call?

What if all the information you need is written in the code of our soul and when you accept your calling, everything you need in order to heal is revealed to you?

What if it’s not about eating the right food or doing yoga or getting enough sleep – not that those kind of self-care activities aren’t important – they’re just not the front line of healing. They’re the support system, the ongoing maintenance, the inspired action, the exquisite self-care that comes with embracing your healing.

The SOURCE of healing is at the energy level, at the soul level.

Healing requires a paradigm shift. It requires undoing a lifetime of programming. It requires breaking generational bonds. It requires releasing your emotional wounds. It requires aligning with your authentic self. It requires intentional commitment. It requires awakening the power of your soul.

What if you can become so powerful you can effect your own healing AND share your healing wisdom so others can heal, too?

What kind of healing might you be here to teach? Reiki, pain management, yoga, nutrition, crystal healing, meditation, anxiety awareness, animal therapy, metaphysical techniques….

the list is endless, and those of us with the healing call have within ourselves the necessary talents and skills, life experience, creativity and intuition to carry out our unique healing call.


I have such compassion for the people who feel hopeless right now. I’ve been there. I remember vividly the utter despair of believing my life was over because I could not control my pain and anxiety, and because I could not let go of my trauma and grief, and because I had made mistakes I hated myself for.

Part of my mission is to bring hope to those who are in that place now. But I can’t do it alone.

I’ve cultivated a network of powerful healers already – women who have so much healing wisdom to share.

But there aren’t enough of us to reach all of the despairing people who desperately need a message of hope.

Are you one of the people I’m looking for?

Do you have the healing call?

If you found yourself resonating with these words – nodding your head, thinking, “yes, that’s it exactly,” feeling like you’ve finally found someone who gets it – who gets YOU…

you have the healing call.

Believe me.

The question is: Are you ready to take back your power to heal? Are you ready to answer the healing call?

I’m on a mission of hope – a mission to bring hope, help and healing to wounded souls. It’s my goal to reach 50,000 people this year and continue to draw together a network of powerful healers.

Humanity needs us.

Are you in?

Check in with your body: As you’ve been hearing this information, what’s been happening with it? Did you notice an energy surge somewhere? Especially in your chest or abdomen, perhaps your throat? Do you feel a tingle or goosebumps? Did you notice a sense of relaxation – and ahhh moment? Did your pulse rate or breathing rate increase a bit? Did you feel something like a pulling sensation in your solar plexus?

That’s resonance…

That’s evidence of the healing call.

Things are happening fast now and the healers and the seekers are aligning.

If you felt the calling – in your body, in your heart, in your mind, in your emotions, in your soul – will you answer the call?

I’ve talked to hundreds of women over the last year and I’ve learned a lot:

Without fail, these women CRAVE connection with other women who have been traumatized by life.

To a one, these women DESIRE to understand the meaning in their suffering.

One hundred percent of these women SEEK the encouragement and inspiration of other women.

Every one of these women BELIEVE there might be a higher purpose to their pain.

…and at one time or another, each of them has questioned their sanity, questioned their intuition, questioned their reason for being here.

They have the healing call – they’re being drawn to healing for themselves and for others.

Do you hear it?

They intuitively know there’s a healing portal – and they’re seeking the right calibration to access it.

Do you feel it?

It’s your soul calling – reminding you that you hold the power to heal within you. You’ve always had it, just as Dorothy did. (if you missed Do You Have Dorothy Syndrome? last week, you can read it here).

You have but to take back your power to heal to begin the journey – and you do that by looking internally and allowing your own intuitive knowing to guide you.

Let me know in the comments below how you hear the healing call…and how you answer it.

Love & Blessings,


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