Hi, I'm Katt Tozier, author, podcast host, Mystic Medicine Woman and Spiritual Mentor. I love teaching heart-felt women like you how to invoke the spiritual power that's an innate part of your nature - a part that you've been disconnected from for a long time.

The power behind my teaching comes from 20 years of holistic living and feminine spiritual practice; 5 years of studying energy healing and divination; 8+ years of virtual mentoring and 10 years of home-schooling; and talking to hundreds of women about what they struggle with and what they need most.

Most importantly, the power comes from healing my own body, mind, and spirit through extensive research, experimentation, and adaptation of a wealth of alternative wellness and spiritual practices.

For decades, I suffered with unrelenting anxiety, fear, and uncertainty (as well as chronic pain, PTSD from childhood trauma, and a host of illnesses and syndromes), and despite having a wealth of knowledge about holistic wellness, I didn't truly heal until I fully embraced the principles of Feminine Spiritual Power.

I've gone from being physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially depleted to creating a life I love - manifesting excellent health, the first safe and supportive relationship of my life, the home I dreamed of, work that brings me joy and so much more.